Apple Pie Larabars (Vegan and Gluten Free)

Apple Pie Larabars.  It’s been a while since I have posted a larabar recipe.  I had several people request the apple pie larabar flavor, so here you go.  I hope you enjoy these homemade apple larabars.

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apple pie larabars


My husband really enjoyed these.  I was not a huge fan myself.  Mostly because I am obsessed with the Coconut Cream Larabars.

That just means there will be more for him and my daughter to share. 🙂  These are just as easy to make as all the others.  I cut  mine in squares, but you can do bars or roll them into balls as well.

These homemade larabars travel great too.  Perfect for on the go.  I always have some in my purse just in case.

Apple Pie Larabars

Apple Pie Larabars



  1. In a food processor, mix the nuts into a fine powder.
  2. Add in the dates, cinnamon and the applesauce and pulse until a dough starts to form. 
  3. Line an 8X8 pan with parchment paper, leaving some paper sticking out the sides. 
  4. Spoon mixture into the pan and use the extra parchment to press the dough down. 
  5. Stick in the fridge to firm up. 
  6. Then, remove the whole thing with the parchment and slice into squares or bars with a pizza cutter.  Store them in the fridge.  Enjoy!


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57 thoughts to “Apple Pie Larabars (Vegan and Gluten Free)”

    1. I thought about doing that. I just had the applesauce on hand so that's why I used it. I may try your way next time. :)
  1. can store bought almond flour/meal be used instead of grinding your own? sounds like a dumb question, i guess. i'm assuming you can? lol, sorry, i'm not the most experienced cook/baker.
  2. I just made these. I followed the recipe but mine look like mushy oatmeal. I hope these firm up in the fridge. They aren't dark in color though?
    1. They should firm up in the fridge. Mine look slightly darker in the photo because I played around with the lighting in photoshop. :) Set them in the fridge and check on them in a couple hours.
  3. I'm DEFINITELY trying all of your larabar recipes. Would you by any chance have an idea of how much of each ingredient I would need to make the carrot cake bars? They're my favorite! Thank you! :)
    1. Maybe 10-12 dates, 1 cup almonds, 1 cup walnuts, 1/2 cups dries pineapple, 1/2 cup shredded coconut, 1/2 cup shredded carrots, 1 tsp cinnamon and 1 T coconut oil? Just guessing. Let me know if that works!
  4. Just made these tonight and they tasted amazing! I even used unsweetened applesauce. I think regular would make them too sweet. Awesome recipe!
  5. I have dates, but they're not Medjool dates. Can I still use the ones I have in the recipe? Maybe if I just add more since they're smaller than Medjool. Thanks!
  6. The taste is great and they're really easy to make. The only downside is mine came out really soft and mushy. Even after storing them in the freezer for a few days they're still not firm.
    1. These bars never really get crisp. Even the store bought version is on the soft side. I'm sorry that the texture is off for you.
  7. I love all your recipes! For this one, I am allergic to walnuts. What can I substitute for the walnuts and still get the same type of flavor? The only nuts I know I'm not allergic to are almonds, cashews and pistachio. Thanks!!
  8. I can't wait to eat them! they are in the fridge now. I just put in a hunk of apple, skin and all, i didn't' have apple sauce and forgot to grind the walnuts with the almonds at first. so the walnuts are a bit chunky, but over all i think it's a success :)
    1. I hope you enjoy my recipe! I have many other flavors as well. Haven't tried the blueberry one yet. My favorite is the coconut cream.
  9. I made the pecan pie bars and copycat banana bread bites last week, so I think I'll make these tonight. My husband (who usually prefers to eat "junk food") eats a bar every day now. He actually told me he's addicted to them and looks forward to one for a snack everyday! Thanks for all your awesome recipes!
  10. Made these tonight! So awesome and SO much like the real bars. I think I just need to use a pinch less cinnamon and grind up the walnuts more. Thanks so much for posting! I'm going to try the blueberry version soon.
  11. I am having a hard time breaking up the dates. I followed the recipe and am using my food processor. I am still having big chunk size dates in mine after pulsing for a while. Any suggestions?
    1. What kind of food processor are you using? If it's a smaller, less powerful one, I would suggest soaking the dates prior to using them. I find that I have to scrape down the sides often as well.
      1. Mine is a big boy! ;) Kitchen Aid I think next time, I will either soak the dates or try cutting them up to smaller pieces. They are still very addicting and I can't wait to try other flavors!
    1. I'm sorry I don't know, but it's probably pretty close the the numbers on the store bought version. I used all the same ingredients.
  12. Just FYI. Last night I substituted carob powder for the cocoa powder so that my husband could have a caffeine-free version. I don't know what happened, but it did not blend properly or smoothly at all! It was a thick glob on the end of the whisk with much of the liquid left in the bottom of the bowl. I added more oil and maple syrup. No better. Then I tried the same exact recipe with the cocoa powder, and it worked like a charm. Beautiful, delicious chocolate. So - for whatever reason - carob powder is not a successful substitute! I now have delicious chocolate candy ready to go in the freezer!! Thank you, Melissa! I really do appreciate your website and recipes!
  13. Oops. I'm so sorry. I just realized I posted my comment on the wrong recipe! It's supposed to go under the 3 Ingredient Homemade Chocolate Bars!!!!!!

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