Nutella Overnight Oats

So the other day I made a batch of my Homemade Nutella.  I had this recipe in mind when I made it.  So now I am sharing these Nutella Overnight Oats with you!

Nutella Overnight Oats watermark

This recipe is just as easy as all the others.  So good!  I didn’t even add any extra sweetener to mine because the Homemade Nutella is already sweet.  If you like things a little sweeter, I will put an option in the ingredient list.

Nutella Overnight Oats

Nutella Overnight Oats

Prep Time 5 min



  1. Combine all the ingredients in a jar and mix well.
  2. Store covered in the fridge overnight.


Recipe Notes

I make 5 at a time so I have easy breakfasts all week. I eat mine cold, but if you like yours warm, feel free to heat it up. Either way works. Enjoy!

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29 thoughts to “Nutella Overnight Oats”

  1. Thank you for these recipes. I've been making the overnight oats for about a week now. They have been a hit with my grandchildren. Their favorite so far is the apple cinnamon, but they also like the pumpkin. I used the pumpkin pie spice as opposed to the individual spices. A little less "spicy" for them. I tried the vanilla coconut this morning and enjoying it as I'm typing this. My favorite so far! The nutella will be next. Thank you!
  2. Thanks for these great recipes. Trying to get my kids to eat these, but they are not fans. Wondering how your kids like them? Maybe I am not adding enough milk - do you use the unsweetened almond milk?
    1. My younger daughter likes them, but my older daughter does not. You can add more milk if it's too thick. I use unsweetened almond milk. Did you ask them what they didn't like about them?
    1. If you did not add the optional sweetener, it would be about 475 calories. If you add in the optional sweeter, you need to probably add an extra 60 calories. Please keep in mind these are rough estimates.
  3. Oh yum!! I haven't had overnight oats in a really long time, and now I can't WAIT to make them again..starting with this one ;). And as for the homemade nutella, who knew it was that simple to make! Just 5 ingredients? awesome.
  4. I have never made overnight oats because I am not a fan of the texture of oatmeal but these . . . I need to try. I can not stop thinking about them. Thanks so much for sharing :)
  5. I've never heard of overnight oats before I found your website last week and I've never loved oatmeal but I'm obsessed with the overnight oats! My grocery list last week and this week were all recipes from your site. Thank you for the wonderful recipes!
    1. Oh yay! I am so glad you like them. I eat the almond butter chocolate one every day. My second favorite is the blueberry one. :)
    1. You can buy both at any health food store. You can also omit them, but I recommend decreasing the amount of milk if you choose to omit.

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