Raspberry Banana Muffins

I had some ripe bananas to use up the other day, so I made these Raspberry Banana Muffins.  These healthy muffins are gluten free, vegan and oil free.  You only need a few simple ingredients to make them.

I added shredded coconut into these muffins because I think raspberry and coconut just go fabulous together. Don’t you think?

Banana Raspberry Muffins - My Whole Food Life

These muffins would be great to throw in your purse before work.  They freeze and re-heat very well too.  For more healthy muffin recipes check out this post.

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Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream (Vegan)

I use my ice cream maker at least once a week in the summer.  This Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream is my latest creation.  I just love the combination of raspberry and coconut, don’t you?

This ice cream recipe is vegan, gluten free and paleo approved.  Zero processed sugar too.


raspberry coconut ice cream


One thing I noticed about store bought healthier ice creams is that they all still contain processed sugars, and have too long of an ingredient list for me.  My homemade ice cream recipes are super simple to make and you can control the ingredients and the sugar amount.

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Raspberry Coconut Mousse (Vegan)

Yum! Raspberry Coconut Mousse. Just because you are vegan, does not mean you need to give up desserts like mousse.  This healthy mousse is sure to please.

This healthy mousse can be made in a matter of minutes and it’s rich in texture and taste.  If you haven’t guessed by now, I just love the combo of raspberry and coconut.

If you love this combo as well, you may want to check out my Raspberry Coconut Muffins or my Raspberry Coconut Smoothie.  If you don’t want to use raspberries, you can always replace them with strawberries or any other fruit.


Raspberry Coconut Mousse

This heavenly raspberry coconut mousse is vegan, gluten free and paleo.   It only calls for a few simple ingredients.  Chocolate chips may be a nice addition as well.

I used fresh raspberries, but I am guessing you can use use frozen as well.  Just let them thaw and drain before you use them in this recipe.

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White Chocolate Raspberry Squares (Vegan)

White Chocolate Raspberry Squares. If you make anything, you must make these ASAP!  We made a stop into our local vegan bakery, Reverie Bakeshop last weekend.

They are awesome by the way!  I noticed they started selling homemade, vegan white chocolate chips.  The ingredients were mostly clean too.

Just cocoa butter, evaporated cane juice, vanilla extract, oil and salt.  I bought a bag and promptly got to work making these White Chocolate Raspberry Squares.

If you love raspberry, you may also like my Chocolate Raspberry Vegan Cheesecake or my No Bake Raspberry Macaroons.


white chocolate raspberry squares


This recipe only contains 5 simple ingredients.  It is gluten free and vegan.  If you replace the chocolate chips, or omit them, this can also be paleo friendly.

If you are not vegan, feel free to use regular chocolate chips if you like.  When Marcus came home from work and tried one of these, the first thing he said was, “Oh my god! These are heavenly!”  I guess that means they are tasty haha!  I hope you enjoy them too.

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Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

Are you starting to think about foods for Valentine’s Day?  You can add these Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles to the list.  I also have some Strawberry Creme Truffles and some Gluten Free Red Velvet Donuts you can try.  These yummy truffles only contain 6 ingredients and they are delish!

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles- My Whole Food Life
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

I added some salt to the tops of mine, but that is totally an optional ingredient.  Not needed, but nice if you like that sweet/salty combo. These truffles pack a punch of chocolaty flavor.  There is chocolate in the inside, and outside.  My chocolate loving husband gave these a thumbs up.  I hope you enjoy them too.

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