Kidney Bean Veggie Burgers

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by USA Pulses and Pulse Canada, but opinions are all my own. 

I just love homemade veggie burgers, don’t you?  These Kidney Bean Veggie Burgers are packed with protein and fiber! You can eat them on a bun, or just serve the burger with a side of veggies.  I like to eat the burger without the bread.  I also spread a little Veganaise on top.  Smashed avocado may be good on top as well.


These burgers also freeze great, so you can double the batch and freeze some for quick meals.

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Curry Kidney Bean Veggie Burgers

I just love homemade veggie burgers.  These Curry Kidney Bean Veggie Burgers are the latest recipe.  This recipe was inspired by my curried kidney beans and corn recipe.  It’s hard to make these Curry Kidney Bean Veggie Burgers look good in a photo, but I promise you they are delicious!  These veggie burgers are great on their own, or you can eat them on a bun.  I personally skip the bun and eat a couple patties with some veganaise.  I also serve them with a side of roasted vegetables.  So good!

Curry Kidney Bean Veggie Burgers - My Whole Food Life

These healthy veggie burgers are vegan and gluten free.  I also used almond flour instead of oat flour, so they are grain free too! 🙂  If you didn’t want to use almond flour, oat flour would also work well.  I think spelt flour would too.

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Quinoa Spinach Patties

I run a healthy living group on Facebook.  The other day there was a discussion about some Quinoa Spinach Patties from Costco.  They sounded amazing, but the ingredients were less than desirable.  So I decided to attempt a homemade version of Quinoa Spinach Patties based on the ingredient list.  They came out delicious!  This recipe is very easy to make too.

Spinach Quinoa Patties - My Whole Food Life

You can eat these Quinoa Spinach Patties on a bun like you would a veggie burger.  Or you can serve them as is with a side of veggies.  I topped mine with a little avocado and ate them with some roasted vegetables.  I am not a big bread fan, so I preferred them without the bun.  These patties would also be good on top of a salad or in a lettuce wrap.   So yum!  These quinoa patties are vegan and gluten free.

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Lentil Carrot Veggie Burgers

I just love homemade veggie burgers.   These lentil carrot veggie burgers are my latest creation.  Actually, my husband came up with these lentil carrot veggie burgers.  It’s quite easy with simple ingredients.  Homemade veggie burgers are super easy and always taste better than the rubbery veggie burgers you can buy at the store.  I always make sure to top my veggie burgers with avocado.  It always makes them that much better.  Then again, avocados make everything better, don’t they?  You could eat these burgers by them themselves, on a bun, or even top a salad with one.  Personally, I like mine without the bun and with a side of veggies like my simple roasted broccoli or my maple glazed Brussel sprouts.  Yum!

Lentil Carrot Veggie Burgers - My Whole Food Life

This recipe makes a decent sized batch so you will have some left over to freeze.  That works out great on those busy days when you have no time to cook.  These lentil carrot veggie burgers are vegan and gluten free.   I hope you enjoy them.

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Acorn Squash Veggie Burgers

I love homemade veggie burgers and these Acorn Squash Veggie Burgers are my latest creation.  Well actually, they were created by my husband, Marcus.  Sometimes you have an idea for an awesome recipe and it doesn’t turn out as expected.  However, sometimes you can turn that into another delicious recipe instead.  That is exactly what happened in the case of these acorn squash veggie burgers.  We roasted the squash a little too long and it could not be chopped into cubes.  So we decided to puree it and make these veggie burgers instead.  One can never have too many veggie burger recipes right?

Acorn Squash Veggie Burgers - My Whole Food Life

These veggie burgers were great on their own with a side of veggies.   They should also work well if they are eaten with a bun.  I am just not a huge bread person, so I usually skip it.  One of my favorite sides to eat with this is my maple glazed Brussel sprouts or my simple roasted broccoli.  If you didn’t want to use acorn squash, this could also probably work with sweet potato, butternut squash or pumpkin.

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