I am Melissa, a Boston transplant living in Dallas, Texas.  Welcome to my blog!  My husband Marcus and I are very into eating and living as healthy as possible to set a good example for our girls, Meadow (3) and Olive (2).  I have been a vegetarian for 16 years, but in May of 2012, we both became vegan.  We also eat almost no processed foods and processed sugars.  Since changing our ways, Marcus saw his cholesterol drop 76 points in just 4 months.  His asthma and allergies almost completely cleared up.   We also feel better than ever.  I started this blog in hopes to inspire others to live a more healthy life.   You will find a lot of sweets on my blog because I love to bake.  Most of the savory dishes are Marcus’s creations.  I also have a passion for creating homemade healthy versions of unhealthy snacks. The blog is not really about being vegan. It’s more about adapting a healthier lifestyle in what ever way that may be.  If you wish to contact me, you can do so at If you like my recipes, you may also enjoy my cookbook!  It’s publishing on December 3oth of 2014, but you can pre-order it here.

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  1. LOVE your website! It’s awesome that you make so many not-so-good-for-you things actually healthy and delicious! But, I’m wondering about the pictures on your banner. The little squares on the left, and the cookie-looking things on the right both look delicious, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere on your recipe list. I’ve clicked on a number of them but haven’t been able to find either one. Any help?

    Thanks, Cheryl :)

  2. Hi Melissa, I came across your blog about a month and a half ago while searching for healthy foods. I would like to thank you so very much for all the great information and wonderful recipes. I had never heard about GMO’s or never really paid much attention to really read about all the additives in processed foods. I really enjoy cooking and baking but ever since finding your blog I am now more well informed and look at all labels very closely. Now I buy whole un-processed foods and have also stopped eating sugar and feel really great. Most mornings I enjoy eating your overnight oats recipes (I had never heard of steel cut oats or oat groats and now that is mostly all I eat for breakfast)- Steel cut oats are really filling and depending on what I add they taste more like a desert & without all the bad horrible additives. Thank you again, Melissa :)!

    1. I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying the recipes. Thanks for taking the time to leave this comment. You have made my day. :)

  3. I just found your blog today because I wanted to try BBQ cauliflower (wanted a new way to cook my son’s favorite veggie). I am really excited to start scrolling through your recipes and I think your blog will be a huge help to me and my family. I became a vegetarian 6 years ago after my first son was born and have recently begun my quest to purge as much processed food out of our house as possible (has been very difficult since we all are very addicted to some things). My husband and I are looking to lose weight (and I need to lower my cholesterol). So, thank you for writing your blog and I’m looking forward to browsing through it after my boys are in bed :)

  4. hi there, I just wanted to thank you for your site & your recipes. I am a wife & mom of two boys, 7 & 3, & I am always looking to cook & eat healthier (no refined sugars, white flour, ect) I appreciate your use of ingredients in your recipes (coconut oil, maple syrup, coconut sugar, dates, ect) instead of using sugar substitutes. thank you for using real ingredients I recognize & that are nourishing to our bodies. 😉

  5. Hi!

    I love your site! I wanted to reach out and tell you about a new vegan snack my company is developing- a savory veggie snack bar! I think it could be a super awesome product for you and your readers. Perhaps you would be interested in doing a review and a give away of our product?

    A little background:
    As you know the bar market is extremely saturated with sweet, sugar filled bars. There are not that many foods that we can put in our back pocket that will truly nurture us. That is why the founders of Banana Republic, Republic of Tea and Wild Planet joined forces to make the first truly savory food bar. Each bar is made from vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds and offers 1-2 servings of vegetables per bar. We noticed a trend to eat more ethnic foods and so each bar is a different globally inspired flavor: Moroccan, Thai, Indian and Californian. Our ingredients are non-gmo, gluten free, dairy-free, kosher, low glycemic, all natural with no added sugars, fats or preservatives! We are truly producing a beautiful product and would love to send you some samples to try and give away on your site! I would love to talk to you more about collaborating!

    With gratitude,

  6. Hi Melissa!

    My name is Shin.
    I have been reading your blogs for a year. I am actually an international student majoring on pharmacy; I got many ideas from your fabulous recipes and besides those saved me from serious loneliness! I appreciate all fabulous recipes and interesting posts!

    As I am Korean, South Korea and Japan have various of healthy vegan recipes and those are normal to us. I hope you would have some interests in Asian healthy foods! (especially enzyme rich, fermented foods)
    If you have any questions, I would be glad to answer it!

    Thank you

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  8. I have been searching for a blog like yours! I am not 100% vegan, but am a huge fan of The China Study and Whole by Colin Campbell. I have your black bean soup in the crockpot right now, and the tomato soup is soon to follow! I look forward to following your health conscious blog. It sounds like you are making some wonderful changes in your husband’s diet as well as starting your children off to a lifestyle of healthy eating.

  9. Great story Melissa, myself, I’m a diabetic and 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. When the doctor told me he was going to start me on chemo then radiation and finally surgery, I told him it didn’t fit my life style and refused all treatment. While I don’t recommend this, we decided on a plan of fighting it naturally. It included a veggie diet, exercise and lots of different supplements. Here 52 months later my last CT scan showed STABLE as has most of them. 3 CT scans showed a reduction in the size, with one last Sept. showing a 1.2 cm decrease. A doctor 4 years ago told us “EAT FROM THE GROUND” and recommend the book Forks over Knives. I’ve lost 70 lbs. and feel better now then when I was cancer free. At 72 years old I ride a bicycle and easily do 40 – 50 miles at a time. In fact I hope to be able to do the MS-150 this year. Oh how I wish I had done what you have done when I was your age. Keep it up and keep spreading the word. :)

      1. Melissa, you are young enough to spread the word and make a difference in other peoples lives. You can help keep some from suffering through a life time of poking their fingers and checking blood sugar. I applaud you for your work and hope you will continue to help others. Here is a great story that backs up just what you are doing.

  10. I just read your story in an article on the website Everyday Health, and I must say that I am very much impressed and motivated by what I read. I’m 64 years old, suffering for almost 30 years with adult on-set asthma, my cholesterol is 288, and I had a heart attack on July 31, 2014, the very day of my retirement. I have tried several different approaches to change my lifestyle to get healthier and feel better. I’m single, and I have found it difficult to cook and eat healthier for just one person. I need a better plan, and your story and your blog impress me so I’m going to give you a shot!

    1. Thank you Wayne! It’s never too late to start. You got this! My best advice is to start slow so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Cooking meals for one isn’t too bad. You can always freeze what you don’t eat right away. Often, I will make a big batch of something like chili, and freeze in serving sized containers. That way I can just pop out what I need. Good luck to you and I hope you enjoy my recipes! :)

  11. Hi Melissa
    Please post a link to the FOX news story. I was telling my Walgreens pharmacist about the 100 yr. old Veggie doctor and your fantastic story. She wants to read about them, as she is veggie also. I’m in the process of emailing her the links. Hope we can pass it on to the world. Keep up the good work.

  12. Loving your blog Melissa. My wife and I actually went Paleo a few years ago. She had issues with wheat but didn’t even know it until she quit eating it. There were a host of things she never realized were going on. Personally I sleep better and have managed to lose a bit of weight. Keep up the good work, the blog is a great read. Congrats on the cookbook!

  13. Just stumbled upon your blog looking for some date recipes and I really like it. Do you have an RSS feed so that I can follow you easier? I didn’t see the little RSS symbol anywhere. I hate getting separate emails and it’s so much easier just to go to one place and check out all the blogs I love.

  14. Dear Melissa, Just received a message from Pinterest regarding a copy write violation for a pin on one of my boards. The pin was one of your recipes. I am very puzzled by this. Are you opposed to your recipes being pined?

    1. No. I love my recipes being pinned! I have not reported any pins lately. The last pin I reported, was one that used my photo to drive people to their spammy website. I am not sure what was going on with your pin. :(

  15. I have been following your site for a while…seem like a nice enough person. This morning I got an email from Pinterest. You had one of my pins removed????? You must have way too much time on your hands! It was merely one of your recipes from your site, NOT a copyright infringement, you were given total credit. As a result, I have UN followed you on FB, Pinterest, and will delete this site from my bookmarks. I am VERY disappointed in you! Don’t bother replying, I won’t be back to see it. So many of the plant based folks are giving and loving and want to share knowledge & recipes. You are the first I have run into who has been mean spirited.

    1. Hi Jane. I have no idea why that happened. I have not reported anything. I am so sorry and I have contact Pinterest about this issue. :( :(

  16. I too received an email from Pinterest regarding your flourless chocolate muffins. It might have been a spammy link you reported but I don’t know as I don’t always check that the links are working until I want to try said recipe, if its a pattern for knitting or quilting though I definitely test those right away. I’m not much of a foodie so if a link isn’t working I usually don’t get too worked up, unless its sticky rolls…drool. Back to topic, if you get any updates from Pinterest where could we read up on it?

  17. Hi Melissa,
    I am at work, but cannot wait until tonight so I can get home and try out some of your recipes! They sound amazing! And the fact that your from Beantown!!! yea!!! I am your neighbor from NewBedford!!

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