Coconut Vanilla Overnight Oats

Coconut Vanilla Overnight Oats.  Oh. My. Gosh.  This overnight oats recipe may be my most favorite so far.  If you love my Coconut Cream Larabars, you will love these overnight oats too!


coconut vanilla overnight oats


Coconut butter just makes everything a little better.  It is so rich and delicious!  I actually didn’t use cranberries in my recipe, I just thought the color was great for the photo. I may try adding them to the recipe next time. Raspberries would be a nice addition too.

I love using steel cut oats in my overnight oats, because I like the crunch.  If you like a smoother oatmeal, feel free to use rolled oats instead.  Both will work out fine in this easy overnight oats recipe.

Coconut Vanilla Overnight Oats

Coconut Vanilla Overnight Oats

Prep Time 5 min



  1. Throw all ingredients in a jar and mix very well.
  2. Store in the fridge overnight and enjoy the next morning.


Recipe Notes

I make 5 of these at a time and they hold up well. However, if you want to add fresh fruit, add it in right before you eat it. Everything else is fine to sit in the fridge. Enjoy!

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123 thoughts to “Coconut Vanilla Overnight Oats”

  1. Hey Melissa, all of your overnight oats combinations look great! I have recently become very sensitive to dairy products (but not yogurt for some reason), and was getting bored of my morning stovetop oats. This recipe is great, it's quick and easy for work days, plus has endless flavour possibilities! Can you substitute whole chia seeds for GROUND chia? Will that affect the texture too much? Thanks for the dairy-freedom :)
    1. I think you probably could. It might make the oatmeal a little runny? Just not sure if the ground chia absorb as much liquid. If you try it, use less milk. You can always add a little more milk in the morning if you need to. Please let me know how it turns out so I can tell others in the future.
    1. Nope! That is what makes this recipe awesome! They will still retain a slight crunch on the first day, but soon soften after that. If you like a smoother oatmeal, you can always use rolled oats.
  2. Hi, my coconut butter is solid, should I melt it first? P.s. You're recipes are wonderful, and have helped me be able to eat REAL food. I am new at this....and it can be a challenge, to know what to eat! Thank you!
    1. Thank you Mara! I would warm it up before using in this recipe. I actually keep my coconut butter in the pantry so it's always soft. :)
  3. Hi! your recipes look so good and i would love to try them however i do not eat chia seeds; what do you recommend to use instead? Thanks!
  4. I'm crazy in love with your overnight oats recipes! Just tried the cookie dough combination this morning and rushed back to the kitchen to give this one a try. I might be too impatient to taste them tomorrow, so I'll probably just gulp them up this afternoon..? :) Anyway, can't wait to make them ALL! Thanks!
  5. I made this last night and it was fabulous! I didn't add any nuts or dried fruit, but think I'd want to next time. Wouldn't raisin soak up moisture, thereby drying up the oatmeal somewhat? Would you add more almond milk if you are using dried fruit? Would the nuts get soggy? I was thinking I would toast them for a sec and then throw them in.
    1. Glad you liked it! You can add them right before you eat this if you prefer. If the oatmeal looks a little dry in the morning, I just add a tiny bit more milk
  6. Hi, awesome recipe. Spend a lot of time in Europe and this type of thing (or, muesli) is always on the breakfast menu in any hotel I stay. Going to try your recipe leading into meals for next week. For entering into nutrition tracking app, has anyone done the calorie count? Thanks!
  7. I am in the middle of making 6 of these and unfortunately didn't think through the recipe beforehand. I do not have ground vanilla beans. I do have whole beans and have scraped the seeds from 2 of them but have not accumulated even 1/2 tsp so far. Can I really use extract instead? Wouldn't it be bitter like extract is when tasted straight? I thought extract is only used when the alcohol will bake out. (?) Thank you... I sure love your site!
    1. You can use extract as long as you don't mind the slight alcohol taste to it. Maybe use a little less than you would the beans?
  8. Hello Melissa, I really love this recipe. I've made it a couple of times so far and love the crunchy texture of the steel-cut oats. However, I find that by about 2pm, my digestive system is in turmoil! It's been consistent when I've had this for breakfast. Any suggestions on how to make this so that it's easier to digest? I don't want to give it up because it's so good and keeps my full all morning.

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