5 Minute Healthy Frosting (Vegan & Paleo)

5 Minute Healthy Frosting.  I love when a recipe accidentally turns into something wonderful.  This is the case in this 5 minute healthy vegan frosting recipe.

I made some donuts and I wanted to make a glaze to dip them in.  Well the glaze ended up looking more like a frosting.

So that is how this 5 minute healthy frosting was born.  This is a great base frosting recipe that you can add in your own flavors too.

I can see it easily becoming a strawberry frosting with a little fruit added.  Or you can add some cocoa powder to make it a chocolate frosting.

It was very easy to spread. I could see this frosting being a great addition to my flourless chocolate muffins.


5 Minute Healthy Frosting - My Whole Food Life


This frosting literally takes minutes to make.  Hence the 5 minute frosting name. 🙂  It’s also vegan, gluten free and paleo approved.

This healthy frosting recipe would make a great dairy free alternative as well. The base is made from coconut butter.

I highly recommend only using this frosting right before you eat it.  Once it refrigerates, it becomes hard.

However, since it does become hard in the fridge, it would be a great frosting for sugar cookie cutouts.  Or even frosted gingerbread cookies.

5 Minute Healthy Frosting

5 Minute Healthy Frosting

Prep Time 5 min Serves 1 1/2 cups frosting     adjust servings

A super quick and healthy frosting recipe.



  1. In a food processor , combine the coconut butter, maple syrup and vanilla beans.
  2. Then slowly add almond milk, 1 tablespoon at a time, until you reach a desired consistency.


Recipe Notes

***One important thing to note. This frosting will harden in the fridge, so it's highly recommended to frost right before serving. If you frost ahead of time, you will need to pull the cake/cupcakes out of the fridge about 1 hour before serving to soften the frosting back up.*** Enjoy!


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57 thoughts to “5 Minute Healthy Frosting (Vegan & Paleo)”

  1. This sounds yummy. Do you have a suggestion for an alternative to the ground vanilla beans? Could I just use real vanilla extract ? Melissa
    1. Yes you can use extract, but you may taste the alcohol a bit since this is not cooked. Another alternative would be vanilla flavored almond milk.
    1. Yes you can. However, if you make a chocolate version, you may be able to disguise it more. I will say that while you can taste the coconut, it is not over powering like the oil can be.
    1. Oops, hit return too soon, lol! This looks gorgeous! I use coconut butter to frost my cupcakes and cakes all the time! Isn't it amazing stuff? If you mix just a little coconut butter with a lot of coconut cream, you will end up with the lightest fluffiest cloud like frosting. It will give it structure but stay soft too.
  2. Sorry for the stupid question, but when you call for "ground vanilla bean", do you mean the whole bean or just the seeds from inside?
  3. Great! My husband loves frosted cookies but I never make them because 1) the frosting is always so unhealthy and 2) cookies with soft icing are so hard to store. Now I have a recipe that is healthy AND hardens! Yay!
  4. Note, unless you are cooking something for a very long time, alcohol (e.g. vanilla extract) does not cook out of foods. This is especially important if you are cooking for someone in AA. http://homecooking.about.com/library/archive/blalcohol12.htm
      1. I purchase vanilla flavoring without alcohol. Simply Organic and Frontier brands are a great ones that I buy (Frontier - I've been buying for years). Tastes excellent.
  5. I want to make this for my daughter's birthday party Friday. There is a child that is allergic to nuts and dairy. Could I just use water instead of milk? I guess I could buy rice milk but we drink raw milk and would prefer not to waste the rest.
    1. I made this last night and subbed vanilla extract for the beans and only used 1 tbsp. of almond milk. It was too runny so I think if you use vanilla extract you can omit the milk altogether. This is how I plan to make it next time.
  6. Hi Melissa! This looks great, especially with all the Christmas baking coming up! Just wondering if you have ever tried to make a healthier version of Starbucks' Cranberry Bliss Bars? I would think this would be perfect for frosting them with cranberries but not nearly as sweet or bad for you which I love. YUM!
  7. Is coconut mana the same as coconut butter? I bought a jar that's been sitting in my pantry to make something from Melissa's site. I can't remember what...lol but now I see this recipe and wonder if I can use it.
  8. Hi there. Thanks for the great recipe. I shared it on my Healthy Life page! I would like to know what can one use instead of Coconut butter? I struggle to find butter in South Africa. We can find Coconut Cream easily. Thanks for all the great recipes!!
  9. Hi Melissa, Tell me please how much it would be to frost a single 9 by 13 in pan? Can I add raw cocoa powder? Will I need more maple syrup then? Thanks for the healthy option you shared!
    1. I am thinking it would be enough to frost that size pan. I think you could definitely add cocoa powder, but you will need to add some extra milk or maple syrup to make sure it's not too dry
  10. I'm planning on making the carrot cake you posted with this frosting for Easter. I'm excited! I'm wondering...I like cream cheese frosting with my carrot cake. Do you think I could use a little lemon juice in it to make it more like cream cheese frosting?

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