Healthy Trail Mix Cookies

The other day I had some ripe bananas to use up so I created these Healthy Trail Mix Cookies.  These cookies easy to make and they are filled with good for you ingredients!  They also happen to be nut free IF YOU USE ANOTHER MILK so they are perfect for school lunchboxes.  It’s like eating granola in cookie form. They would be great to take on hikes too.

Healthy Trail Mix Cookies

From start to finish, these cookies are done in under 25 minutes!  Can’t beat that! In addition to being nut free, these healthy cookies are also vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free.  Yay!  They make the perfect afternoon snack.

Another way to punch up the flavor in these cookies is to add a little cinnamon.  I am definitely trying that with the next batch!

We also filmed a short video of this recipe.  You can view it below.  For more videos, you can subscribe to my You Tube channel here.

Healthy Trail Mix Cookies

Healthy Trail Mix Cookies

Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 10 min Serves 18-20 cookies     adjust servings

The perfect healthy snack for on the go. Great for school lunchboxes as well since it's nut free. Vegan and gluten free as well.



  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. In a large mixing bowl , mix the wet ingredients. Then add dry and stir to combine.
  3. Drop cookies onto a lined baking sheet .
  4. Bake for 8-10 minutes.
  5. Let cookies cool before removing from the baking sheet and storing.


Recipe Notes

For best results, keep these cookies stored in the fridge. They should last a few weeks that way. You can also freeze them for up to 6 months. Enjoy!

Healthy Trail Mix Cookies

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11 thoughts to “Healthy Trail Mix Cookies”

  1. I'm wondering if it would work to use soaked oats (to remove the anti nutrients), and then less liquid. Have you ever tried a recipe like this with soaked grains/oats? It's supposed to be important for dental health as well.
    1. You could even try soaking and dehydrating (in a very low oven for a few hours) the oats so that they're dry again - and then proceed with the recipe as normal. I think they'd hold too much liquid soaked to really work in this recipe, which doesn't call for that much liquid.
  2. According to Ayurveda, the food as medicine science of India, based on literally thousands of years of practice, both bananas and chocolate clog the channels of the body, exacerbating allergy and other health problems by locking toxic waste products in the cells of the body and sowing the seeds for more disease. Therefore, I am sorry but this is not a very healthy snack. Check out for more healing knowledge.
    1. Hi Gail, If you have problems with this recipe, then you can just pass this pass it by if you like. I personally think they are yummy and will make them when I wish. :)
    2. My East Indian boss eats bananas every day and he's in his late 60's and is more spry than his youngest son. Not sure where that info came from but I disagree fully. Bananas are also a food known for mood boosting properties, sleep aid and digestible sugars that don't make one crash after consumption. And chocolate, well, I'd take a look into the regions where cocoa is harvested and research on what ails the communities. We have an increase of allergies and disorders among people, predominantly North America, due to our increase of moving away from WHOLE FOODS that are not riddled with additives or are just a science experiment in a box. I for one am not a great cook so I wholeheartedly REALLY appreciate Melissa's time and effort into making all these recipes as it gives me a great guideline for trying new items. If there's something I don't like or not sure of trying, I sub it out or move on. Not everyone will like everything but it's good to expand our horizons.
  3. wow Gail. I don't see this site claiming to be Ayurveda food medicine follower. This is a whole food site, personal blog and generally enjoyed by people who are watching gluten, processed sugars and using more whole foods in their life. I'm not a moderator here, just someone who gets alot of support from her work and recipes. Everyone is in a different place in their journey and see nutrition from different perspectives. Best wishes and to your health.

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