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Lately, I have had a lot of people ask about our main grocery staples and also things we keep on hand.  If you are changing over to whole foods, I would suggest just buying one new thing a week.  Otherwise it can get pricey.  Please also note that all fermented soy items are organic and non GMO verified and are used sparingly.  So here you go.

Pantry (Dried Goods)

raw almonds
rolled oats
dried beans
rice (wild, brown and black)
quinoa pasta
oat flour
coconut sugar
spelt flour
dried fruit
medjool dates
mixed nuts
flax meal
chia seeds
hemp seeds
onions and garlic

Pantry (Oils and Vinegars)

olive oil
avocado oil
walnut oil
toasted sesame oil
coconut oil
rice vinegar
apple cider vinegar
balsamic vinegar
white balsamic vinegar
red wine vinegar
pure maple syrup


oat milk (for my daughter)
homemade almond milk
soy sauce
organic and non GMO tofu (on a rare occasion)
organic and non GMO tempeh (on a rare occasion)
swiss chard
cheese sticks (for my kids)
whole milk yogurt (for my kids)
unsweetened applesauce


frozen fruits and vegetables
homemade soups, tomato sauce and chili
homemade granola bars, muffins and waffles
homemade vegetable broth

Counter Top



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107 thoughts to “My Grocery Staples”

    1. I think it is pretty good, but not organic. If you need an organic brand found most anywhere, you can get Stoneyfield.
    1. We buy pretty much everything organic. Some things that are on the "clean" list I buy conventional. But most everything else is organic. Buying in season, buying in bulk, belonging to a co-op and meal planning help keep the costs down.
    1. Unfortunately, neither have I. Most of them contain carrageenan as well. That's why I make my own.
      1. I just found out about carrageenan yesterday and made the instantaneous decision to make my own nut milks. I found your pot on Hazelnut milk and just finished making a quart!( I soaked them yesterday) While perusing your recipe files, I saw the Raspberry Nutella tarts(drool) and wondered if I could use the meal that was left in the strainer bag without drying it first? The meal was actually pretty dry,after "milking " the bag for all it was worth! Perhaps using a bit less liquid than called for in your recipe?
  1. How do you keep coconut oil from clumping back to a solid form in recipes like waffles and muffins? We have used it in both the waffle and zucchini muffin recipe from 100days, and we can't seem to keep the oil from solidifying once it hits the rest of the batter mix:-(
      1. I have only had that happen when it is really cold in the house or if I am trying to mix melted coconut oil into pancake mix that has a lot of cold milk in it. I just whisk it very rapidly as I am stirring the coconut oil in. Sometimes it will solidify a little but with the whisking the pieces are little and evenly distributed so they cook up excellent.
    1. You have to use coconut oil in liquid form not solid form. i just learned about this a few months ago because I had the same problem.
  2. My biggest problem with eating healthier/shopping is that we have a large family on one income (8 of us!)...I did plant tomatoes this year but I didn't inherit my grandfather's green thumb so we'll see..Is there any particular list of things you find absolutely essential? (forgive me if it's been asked before!) Is there a particular cookbook (or books) that you draw on for inspiration?
    1. Honestly, just pick one new thing every other week or so. I would get the fruits, veggies, beans and grains. Also a good jar of coconut oil. If you buy out of bulk bins, you only need to buy what you need for specific recipes. That may help cuts costs a bit. I think this cook book is great. Not all the meals are vegan. but the ones I have tried are great!
  3. No honey? I'm new to quinoa (and love it!!) but I have learned there are different types? Some for cooking, some for baking.. and you mentioned quinoa pasta? Typically I google everything and then try to weed through everything but I have learned a lot from your site so I figured I would ask you. :)
    1. Oh, I guess I forgot honey! Yes! We use local raw honey. Mostly helps with allergies. I love quinoa! I cook and bake with it. I use Ancient Harvest quinoa pasta. My daughter likes it far better than whole wheat pasta. It's organic and non GMO.
  4. This is great! Thanks for posting, I am always stuck whenever we make Trader Joes runs, even though I think of a million things to buy before we get there. Will add this to my grocery list!
  5. Thanks for this post! I love seeing what other people eat on a regular basis! Do you garden any? I grow a lot of our veggies in the summer and that really helps with our grocery budget. I am currently in love with our little herb garden. It provides a lot of flavor and benefits in a small, affordable area.
    1. We do garden! This was our first year with an inground garden and it was not super successful. We do have lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, onions and leeks. Herbs too in pots.
  6. The other day, I found a link that you had posted somewhere on your Facebook site that had a list of brands of products that you trust. Can you direct me on where to find it? I was going to print it, but now I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks!
    1. Sure! Here you go. There are other good products as well. These are just some of the ones I bought. is a great website as well.
  7. I am really enjoying reading your blog. My husband and I are buying a house soon, and when I get to set up our kitchen from scratch, we're planning to switch to Whole (Real) Foods only. This list will be very helpful as I think of how to stock up my new cupboards!
  8. I love your blog and have tried several successful recipes! I also share the same whole food, nonGMO, organic vegan food philosophy. Sounds like you also buy a lot of things in bulk. I'd like to know if you have a storage system. I put most bulk pantry items in mason jars, but I still have partial bulk bags that become forgotten, then I buy more or think I have a partial bag and I run out etc.
    1. Thanks Shelley! Yes I do have a storage system. I have a big built in pantry and I put pull out shelves in it. I store all my bulk items in glass jars and they have labels on top of them. I also have larger jars for my flours and grains as well. Once I get it completely organized, I will probably write a post about it.
  9. was VERY surprised to see yogurt and cheese sticks on your staples list right after reading that you are vegan. does not compute. buying these for your kids? vegan kids are healthy, too!
    1. I am vegan and so is my husband. My girls don't eat meat often, but they do like cheese and yogurt. I never said that vegan kids are unhealthy. Both my girls have had HUGE struggles with eating. You can read all about that in the About section of this blog. So I happen to let them eat the few foods that they enjoy eating. When you have a child on a feeding tube, you tend to do things differently.
  10. Well done Melissa! I love your flexibility and being able to take things in context while staying with what feels right to you.
  11. so if you all are vegan, then why are you eating cheese sticks and whole milke yogurt? why not use whole milk yogurt in your recipes?
  12. Hi Melissa, love your blog! Quick question: the link for the medjool dates on Amazon says they are unavailable. Do you have another brand you order? Thanks!
        1. I do buy many of my products off Amazon. It can be far cheaper, especially if you are an Amazon Prime member. You get free 2 day shipping on everything and you also get to subscribe and save on many items you purchase often.
  13. thank you so much for sharing this!! Can you tell me where you got the pull out shelves? Are they easy to install in most pantries? I'm also wondering which glass jars you're using, are they just mason jars? And what do you use avocado oil for? I've had a huge bottle for quite awhile now and I have no idea what to do with it!
    1. I got the pull out shelves at Lowes. They are super easy to install. I think a couple of screws. They are pricey. About $75 a piece. I just bought one at a time. I got most of my jars from Sprouts, but I also use mason jars as well. I love avocado oil for roasting and also for making salad dressing.

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