Carrot Cake Larabar Bites (Vegan)

Carrot Cake Larabar Bites.  I know that you all love larabars.  I have had several requests for the carrot cake bar recipe, so I thought I would create you these carrot cake larabar bites.

The flavor of these carrot cake larabar bites of reminded me of my Coconut Cream Larabars and also my No Bake Pumpkin Pie Cookies.


carrot cake larabar bites


I checked the ingredient list on Larabar’s website and created my recipe based on those ingredients.   I am hoping it tastes similar to the store bought version.

I am not a huge carrot cake fan, but my husband is.  My baby daughter LOVED this recipe.  That was a surprise to me.  Very kid friendly. 🙂  They are also vegan, gluten free and grain free.

Looking for more larabar recipes?

Carrot Cake Larabars

Carrot Cake Larabar Bites

Prep Time 10 min Serves 12 balls     adjust servings



  1. In the food processor , mix the carrots, walnuts and almonds and coconut.
  2. Then add in the cinnamon, salt, dates, pineapple and coconut oil. If the mixture seems slightly dry, add in a bit of water. I didn’t have to add any in mine.
  3. Once a dough forms, roll into balls and place in the fridge to firm up.


Recipe Notes

I got about 12 balls out of my batch and I ended up flattening them into cookies. Enjoy!

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74 thoughts to “Carrot Cake Larabar Bites (Vegan)”

  1. Yum! I just made Raw Superfood Balls (recipe is up on my blog!), so now I'm excited to start making more raw desserts again. I love carrot-based sweets!
  2. I discovered your site a few weeks ago and think its awesome! You make everything sound so easy:).. I can't wait to try some of these recipes:) I was at Walmart today and saw a mum buy kids "lunchables" or whatever they are called-- I assume for her kids... And I just told myself "please God don't let that be me one day"... Cause I know it's not easy with three kids and it's easy to give into temptation and feed kids junk (btw I am not judging this lady who bought the food... I am sure she had a good reason...I just didn't want that to be me one day and her actions only served as a reminder to me, myself and I) The only thing I may disagree with you is on your GMO stance, i.e. I think GMOs are not dangerous. That being said, I understand why people are against it:) Anyway, thank you for your awesome recipes and for motivating me to try out healthy, recipes at home:)
    1. Thanks Maya. I respect your opinion on GMOs. I honestly don't know if they are dangerous. I just don't think any real testing has been done to know for sure. Glad you like the blog. :) :)
  3. I love your site and saw these on FB. I just started gluten free and these sound incredible!! Cant wait to try them and other recipes here. Thanks!!
  4. I use to love Larabars. I also don't agree with GMO products so I stopped buying larabars when I found out that parent company General Mills donated donated $1.2 million to defeat Proposition 37, the California Right to Know ballot initiative to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs). They don't want GMO labeling which in my opinion tells me they are hiding something!
    1. Me either. I actually made mine with pecans, but put walnuts because that is what larabar uses. I think almonds would work well too.
  5. I'm so excited to try these. I've been drooling over some coconut balls at the grocery store, but couldn't bring myself to spend the $10 for a small bag. Thanks for this recipe!
  6. Hi - I am a total carrot cake fan and so couldn't resist trying these. I made these with raisins instead of pineapple as I didn't have any in my cupboard. Turned out delish!!!!
  7. There was a 10 year French study released in the last year that proves that GMO's cause cancer. It just doesn't make sense to eat something that has been tinkered with so extensively. Fish DNA in tomatoes? C'mon. Common sense rules.
      1. No, she cannot. That study was retracted by the journal that published it for having too small of a sample size to convey any information remotely reliable, and for using a species of rat that is prone to tumor growth by itself. Not to mention... proving something CAUSES cancer is incredibly difficult to do - seeing as the causes are complex and result from multiple interactions between genes, environment, etc. Studies that are published usually demonstrate associations rather than causation.
  8. Approximately how many cups of shredded carrots do you use? I grow my own GMO-free carrots, but they aren't "small" by any stretch of the imagination. LOL
  9. This recipe looks amazing and I'm thrilled to try using up leftover pulp from juicing carrots, always seemed like such a waste to throw it away. I'm assuming that because raw carrots are used, the final product needs to be refrigerated, right?
  10. I just made these & they are delicious! Hoping my kids will think so too when they get home from school. This was my first vegan, gluten free and grain free recipe - what a great choice to start out. Thank you!

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