Cashew Cookie Larabar Bites (Vegan)

Cashew Cookie Larabar Bites.  So I have almost made every single larabar flavor there is now.  They are just so easy and taste way better than the store bought versions.

I made the Carrot Cake Larabars the other day and my baby girl loved them so much!  This is huge because she has a G tube and eats a lot of her food through that.

So to have her interested in orally enjoying those snacks was a big deal.  I have had many requests for the Cashew Cookie flavor so I whipped them up today.  I added 1 extra ingredient that I think takes these to the next level.


Cashew Cookie Larabar Bites


The ground vanilla beans really perk this recipe right up.  They are so good! You can also use vanilla extract, but I would only use 1 teaspoon instead of two.

Looking for more cashew cookie recipes?

Cashew Cookie Larabar Bites

Cashew Cookie Larabar Bites

Prep Time 10 min Serves 12 balls     adjust servings



  1. In the food processor , grind the cashews into a fine consistency. 
  2. Then add in the remaining ingredients and pulse until a dough starts to form.
  3. Roll into balls and place on a parchment lined plate.
  4. Stick the balls in the fridge for about an hour to firm up. I got 12 balls out of my batch. Enjoy!


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37 thoughts to “Cashew Cookie Larabar Bites (Vegan)”

    1. Yes, but the flavor will be slightly different. Pecans release a lot of oil when they are ground up and you may not even need to add water.
  1. Ok, I contacted you a week or so ago about my weird yeast free and everything else free diet, and told you I could do the dates just yet. You said to contact you and you might could help me with subbing those out. Soooo, any suggestions? My hubby came to me just today saying how he wished he'd just had a bar or something to grab. Irony!
  2. I was inspired by your larabars and tried something of my own. almonds, cashews, walnuts, raisans, craisans, prunes, dates (1/2 cup each). powdered each separately and mixed it in a big bowl. i think the oil from the nuts and the paste from the dry fruits helped them stick together. my toddler helped me grind the whole thing and had lotsa fun. now i just need to make him eat it somehow. he's very picky. thanks for all the inspiration :)
    1. I'm a little late to the party but just made a batch with my Vitamix. No problems at all. Super easy and super delish!
    1. I'm not sure these would be the best thing to mail. They need to be refrigerated. They should last several weeks in the fridge, but I am afraid they will get mushy outside the fridge.
  3. This is AWESOME! I was so inspired by the outcome of this recipe that I made the blueberry pie larbar. Your recipe is so versatile and fun--thank you!
    1. I have something similar. If you can't eat oats, you can sub cashews.
  4. My niece introduced me to your site and I'm very hungry now:) Loving the recipes - thank you. I have been making a similar recipe to this one. I add coconut flour and or chia seeds; orange zest and juice...and some spices (pumpkin pie, cinnamon or garam masala - I mix it up) Yummy
  5. Where do you find cashews that are free of Allergens? Like all the ones I find says processing of the Sellitti that has wheat soy etc.... and I can't have several things.

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