Brussel Sprouts Salad with Orange Ginger Dressing

I have had a love affair with Brussel sprouts lately.  During the winter, I was often eating my maple glazed brussel sprouts, but they are great raw in a salad as well!  I already have on Brussel sprouts salad on the blog.  Now it’s time to add this Brussel sprouts salad with orange ginger dressing to the mix.

Brussel Sprouts Salad with Orange Ginger Dressing - My Whole Food Life

This Brussel sprouts salad is super easy to make and it will make you feel energized!  Love all the flavors in here.

Brussel Sprouts Salad with Orange Ginger Dressing

Prep Time 10 min Serves 4 servings     adjust servings

An energizing and healthy salad!


    For the salad

    • 1 bag Brussel sprouts
    • 3 small carrots shredded
    • 1/2 cup raw pecans

    For the dressing

    • Juice of 2 oranges
    • 2 T hemp oil (or oil of choice)
    • 2 T apple cider vinegar
    • 1 clove garlic minced
    • 1 tsp ginger minced
    • salt to taste


    1. Wash the Brusell sprouts, remove the ends and slice thin sideways. You can also just shred them using a shredder or mandolin.
    2. Peel and shred carrots
    3. Add the Brussel sprouts, carrots and pecans to a bowl .
    4. In a small bowl, whisk the dressing ingredients together.
    5. Pour the dressing over the salad. You can serve immediately, but I think the salad gets better if it sits a couple hours. The flavors really marinate and develop more the longer is sits.
    6. This should last 4-5 days in the fridge.
    7. Enjoy!


    Brussel Sprouts Salad with Orange Dressing 2 - My Whole Food Life

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    13 thoughts to “Brussel Sprouts Salad with Orange Ginger Dressing”

    1. I LOVE this salad recipe, Melissa! I've been a Brussels sprouts hater for 49 years, 6 months, and 2 days, but then I ate them shaved and sauteed with bacon and my Brussels life was changed forever. Now I can't wait to eat them again! :)
      1. I was the same way! I have developed a new love for them myself! This is the recipe that made me love them!
    2. I am not sure how I feel about this salad. I love cabbage but have not eaten Brussels sprouts till fairly recently. I think my orange was not sweet enought and the ginger made My salad a little too otter. Also, I want more vinegar in it. I am German, I like vinegary things. Also, I ended up steaming Brussels sprouts a little. With that being said, I think your palate is more accustomed to those flavors. Do you have a recipe for Brussels sprouts for a novice by any chance ?
      1. Sorry you didn't love it. Maybe this one is more your style? There is more acidity to it. Or if you like a roasted recipe, maybe this one.

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