Spinach Chickpea Omelets (Vegan)

On occasion I like to eat a savory breakfast. Sometimes you need a change from overnight oats.  That is why I make these Spinach Chickpea Omelets.  Before I became vegan, I LOVED eggs.  They are actually one of the only animal foods I miss.

These chickpea omelets fill that void though.  I eat one of these with a side of roasted veggies.  So good and it’s a great way to get more veggies into your diet.

While this recipe is written with spinach, you can use the recipe as a base to add in whatever veggies you like.   I originally saw the recipe for chickpea omelets on this website.  I have changed up the original recipe quite a bit.


Spinach Chickpea Omelets - My Whole Food Life

You can make these 2 ways.  Make the batter thicker for more of a pancake feel, or make the batter thinner, to make them more of like an omelet.

I personally like the pancake option better, but that is just me.  I serve this with a side of roasted vegetables.  My favorite vegetables to eat with this are sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Yum!

Spinach Chickpea Omelets

Spinach Chickpea Omelets

Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 15 min Serves 8 pancakes or 8 omelets     adjust servings

A savory, vegan breakfast option.



  1. In a large bowl , combine all the dry ingredients, except the spinach. Mix well.
  2. Chop the spinach up fine.
  3. Heat a large saute pan on medium heat.
  4. In a small bowl, combine 1/3 cup of the dry mixture and a scant 1/3 cup water. Whisk that together. If you want an omelet, make the batter a little thinner with more water. If you want a pancake consistency, make the batter a little thicker.
  5. Add a little amount of spinach into the bowl with the batter. Pour the mixture into the saucepan and cook. These cook like a pancake, so when you see the mixture bubble, you know it's time to flip to the other side and cook for another minute.
  6. Repeat these steps until all the omelets are done.
  7. Store these in the fridge. They should last a couple weeks that way. They can also be frozen.


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  1. Is the flax meal important in this recipes? Have a deadly allergy to flax. Lots of people go into anaphylatic shock from flax, so people need to treat this like a nut allergy.

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