Maple Glazed Brussel Sprouts

I am not too picky when it comes to vegetables, but the one I never seemed to like was brussel sprouts.  I had tried them many ways with no luck.  So when my friend Judith over at The Midnight Baker told me she had a great recipe, I decided to give them another shot.  This Maple Glazed Brussel Sprouts recipe was so good that I could not stop eating them.  I am a believer for sure now.

Maple Glazed Brussel Sprouts - My Whole Food Life

These are amazing.  Even my husband could not stop eating them.  This will become a staple in our house for sure.  This recipe is almost as addicting as my Cauliflower Popcorn.

Maple Glazed Brussel Sprouts

Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 30 min



  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Wash brussel sprouts, remove the ends and cut in half.
  3. Place the brussel sprouts in a large bowl.
  4. In a small bowl, whisk the oil, salt and maple syrup.
  5. Pour over the brussel sprouts and mix well.
  6. Place the brussel sprouts on a lined baking sheet.
  7. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes, stopping to flip the sprouts halfway through.


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60 thoughts to “Maple Glazed Brussel Sprouts”

  1. Yum! Last night we ate half of the Brussels we purchased, lightly steamed with lemon butter (heavy on the lemon) and sel Gris. My husband and I love them. One kid does. The other two endure but don't complain. Always looking for a way to surprise them with the other half of what we end up bringing home. This may be it!
  2. I became a Brussels sprouts lover a few years ago in cooking school. It was an epiphany kinda moment! It's all about how they're prepared - they can be wonderfully, unexpectedly delicious, or downright yucky (great food descriptor, I know!). This recipe sounds terrific, and so different from my usual Brussels sprouts bag of tricks. I'm really excited to try it! Thanks, Melissa!
  3. This does sound good. I normally roast my Brussels sprouts whole, coated with olive oil and black pepper, and I find those addicting. I'll have to try these - I'm glad they are roasted, because for me that is the only way they are edible. :-)
  4. I think Brussels sprouts may be the most despised veggie. (poor b-spouts). I love them roasted or steamed. When I roast 'em, I add a little dijon and maple syrup. Delicious!
  5. These sound great! We usually roast them with a little coconut oil, dried cranberries, slivered almonds, sea salt and cracked black pepper. Have never tried adding maple syrup but can't wait to now! I stumbled upon your blog about a month ago and I'm obsessed with all of your recipes! I've since spent my Sunday's making 3 to 4 different recipes at a time and all of them have been awesome. I love how they are so easy to follow and don't require an overwhelming amount of ingredients. Thanks so much for sharing your knowlege and experiments with all of us! :)
    1. Thanks Sheryl for your kind words. Glad you like the recipes. Your version of brussel sprouts sounds heavenly as well!
  6. Made these tonight. Had to stop myself from eating the 2lbs I made! So fabulous. And agree with previous poster. Stumbled upon your blog in the last few months. Everything I have tried has been awesome!!!
  7. Love the coconut oil and maple syrup combo. Reminds me of a recipe Alicia Silverstone has in the Kind Diet. She roasts lotus root with oil, maple syrup with the addition of soy sauce. So yummy, can't wait to try this.
  8. These were INCREDIBLE. I usually coat them in olive oil and garlic then roast and I am the only one who will eat them. Done this way, my 6 year old son and husband ate them - not many since I got to them first. GREAT!! LOVE your blog- great recipes! Thanks!
  9. These are the BEST brussel sprouts I've ever had! They have always been my husband's favorite vegetable, but I was luke warm about them. Not anymore! My 2 year old even loved them. :) We added carrots to the mix, and the combination was delicious!
  10. What a fantastic addition to our Christmas dinner! My sister was raving about these so I had to try them and they were incredible! Thank you so much for sharing :)
  11. These were great!! Until tonight I had never even tasted a brussel sprout. We loved them and my hubby ate them for dessert, too!
  12. Oh my that was delicious! I had just enough brussel sprouts left for one serving, so bought some coconut oil (that's new to me) and otherwise eyeballed the reduced amounts. Yum, soooo tasty.

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