Chocolate Coconut Butter (Vegan)

This Chocolate Coconut Butter is amazing.  Have you had coconut butter?  It’s amazing.  The store bought stuff can get pricey which is my I make Homemade Coconut Butter.

Coconut butter is so creamy and delicious and it literally melts in your mouth.  I use coconut butter in a lot of my fudge recipes for that very reason.

I already had one recipe for homemade coconut butter, but I decided to take to to a whole new level by adding the dark chocolate.  You have got to try this homemade chocolate coconut butter recipe!

Chocolate Coconut Butter - My Whole Food Life

This would be great spread on toast, pancakes or waffles.  It would also make a great dip for fruit.  Or you could just eat it with a spoon. 🙂

If you freeze this homemade coconut butter, you can make quite a delicious and creamy fudge.  Definitely give that a try too. So yum!

Chocolate Coconut Butter

Chocolate Coconut Butter

Prep Time PT20-25M Serves 2 cups     adjust servings

A decadent chocolate coconut spread with only 2 ingredients!



  1. In a blender or food processor , blend up the shredded coconut until you see it start to look like the oils have been released. (It will start to look like a looser version of peanut butter .)
  2. This can take about 15-20 minutes depending on if you are using a blender or food processor.
  3. Once the coconut gets to that stage, add in the chocolate bar and continue to blend until smooth.
  4. I store mine in the pantry in an old mason jelly jar .
  5. Recipe makes about 2 cups coconut butter.


Recipe Notes

I stored the coconut butter in my pantry. It may harden slightly, but you can stick the jar in a pot of hot water and it should soften right up. Blending it again may help as well.

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46 thoughts to “Chocolate Coconut Butter (Vegan)”

    1. I used my food processor, but I have also made this in my Vitmamix and Blendtec. If using a blender, you will need to scrape down the sides more often.
  1. I'm using my food processor and I'm not getting any consistency that comes close to peanut butter. It looks and feels more like wet sand. Any suggestions?
      1. It will harden back up after it sits in the jar or container when your done. I've made it a ton of times. It's really a beautiful butter! I haven't added the chocolate yet which I will tomorrow! Just discovered this recipe!
  2. This sounds like a great treat! I love coconut butter. I make my own and a little dollop takes oatmeal, toast, fruit, etc to a whole new level! Love the use of the endangered species chocolate, it's a great company. Do we melt the chocolate bar first or just break it up? Also would it still be chocolatey if I only used half a bar? I don't want the chocolate to be too overwhelming.
    1. Thanks Robin. I didn't melt the chocolate. I just broke it up into pieces and added it in. I think using 1/2 a bar would be fine as well.
    1. No idea, but I think it lasts a good amount of time. It will harden, but should be fine if you stick the jar in a bowl of warm water for a minute.
  3. This is basically how I make my 3 ingredient fudge recipe! I make fudge this way...homemade coconut butter, chocolate chips and vanilla! It's amazing and delish. I love coconut butter easy to make in the food processor :)
  4. Looking forward to going back to Canada only so I can find Unsweetened coconut . I have looked extensively here in Florida and found only sweetened.
    1. Really? That's too bad. I get the unsweetened coconut at my local health food store. I am pretty sure Whole Foods carries it as well.
  5. I have tried making my own coconut butter in my Vitamix and it does NOTHING. Does the coconut have to be dried or slightly roasted or fresh? I got shredded unsweetened coconut at an Indian store. I had two kinds to choose from. Dried and slightly roasted. I picked the dried (which was whiter in color) according to the Indian man working there. I also got frustrated and just bought my own coconuts, but still dried, fresh, or slightly roasted to create butter. Furthermore, watching a video online I saw the process for making coconut oil. They used fresh shredded coconut, added water and mixed by hand, squeezing it into the water for a bit. Let it sit overnight. The cream separated to the top and was called butter. No blending. (that cream was then used to fry and turned to oil, draining the leftover pieces out). So why blend if doing it without a blender works too? NO ONE says you can make butter without a blender. They all insist you HAVE TO HAVE A BLENDER. But either way, I want to know about blender use for now.
    1. I have heard that in some places the term coconut butter and coconut oil can be used interchangeably. My guess is if they fried with it and it turned into oil, it was probably what we in the U.S. would call coconut oil. As for what kind of coconut to use. I have used "dried, unsweetened coconut flakes" and it worked. (I have heard others say that if you use sweetened it will not work). Hope this may have helped.

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