Easy 2 Ingredient Fudge

You guys.  This easy 2 ingredient fudge is awesome!  It’s super decadent AND you can make it up in just a few minutes! This healthy fudge is vegan, gluten free and paleo approved.

It’s quite possibly the easiest recipe you will ever make. Perfect for those times you get a chocolate craving!

Easy 2 Ingredient Fudge

This healthy dessert recipe is great to keep in the fridge or freezer when you feel a sweet craving coming on. I think nut butter or sunflower butter would also be a nice addition.

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Easy 2 Ingredient Fudge

Easy 2 Ingredient Fudge

Prep Time 5 min Serves 12 pieces     adjust servings

Whip up this healthy 2 ingredient fudge in just a few minutes. Perfect for when you crave a little something sweet.



  1. In a small sauce pan , on medium low heat, add the two ingredients.
  2. Stir to combine. Once the ingredients are melted together, pour into mini muffin pans with liners.
  3. Place in the fridge or freezer to set.


Recipe Notes

These should keep in the fridge or freezer for several months. Enjoy!

easy 2 ingredient fudge

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5 thoughts to “Easy 2 Ingredient Fudge”

  1. 1. How many calories in each piece? 2. Who ever heard of fudge staying in the refrigerator for several months, or even a month? LOL LOVE your site!
    1. Haha! I know! Someone always asks, so I add that. :) I personally don't know the calories, but you can upload the recipe into My Fitness Pal for an estimate.
  2. I just calculated the calories. I made 12 cups in a mini muffin tin with the exact ingredients listed and came up with 246 calories per little mini cup.

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