Cherry Chocolate Overnight Oats

Cherry Chocolate Overnight Oats. Cherries and chocolate go so well together and that is why I made these cherry chocolate vegan overnight oats.

If you have been following me for a while, you know I love overnight oats.  Overnight oats are some of the easiest breakfasts you will ever make.

Overnight oats are also known as oats in a jar.  There is no cooking involved and it’s a breakfast that will keep you full into lunch.

This cherry chocolate overnight oats recipe is perfect for all you chocolate lovers.  It’s like eating dessert for breakfast!


cherry chocolate overnight oats


This easy overnight oats recipe is vegan and gluten free.  You can eat it cold, or heat it up in the morning.  I personally love making these with steel cut oats and eating them cold.

It reminds me of the boxed cereal that I used to eat.  I used dried cherries in my recipe, but you can use fresh as well.  I hope you enjoy.

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Cherry Chocolate Overnight Oats

Cherry Chocolate Overnight Oats

Prep Time 5 min Serves 1 jar = 1 serving     adjust servings



  1. Place all the ingredients in a jar, mix well and store in the fridge overnight.
  2. I like my oatmeal unsweetened. If you like your oatmeal a little on the sweet side, feel free to add in some dates or maple syrup.


Recipe Notes

You can make 5 of these up at a time. If you plan on using fresh fruit, don't add that until right before you eat it. I use 12 oz mason jars for mine, but any container will work. Enjoy!

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27 thoughts to “Cherry Chocolate Overnight Oats”

  1. This sounds delicious! I love cherries and chocolate together, so must try this one. All of them are so good, it is hard to pick one as a favorite. I just alternate and make with what I have the most of. So good for breakfast!! Thank you for all the wonderful, healthy recipes!!
  2. I've tried the steel cut oats before, but they don't seem to soften, at all. They seem to remain exactly as I put them into the jar, firm and harder to eat. Am I doing something wrong?
    1. On the first day they still retain a crunch. I like that. It reminds me of cereal. If you want a softer oatmeal, you can try using rolled oats.
  3. I've actually been making something like this. It was inspired by a cookie recipe I saw on another blog. Dark chocolate and tart cherries do go together wonderfully. Thanks to you, I've fallen in love with overnight oats and now make them for breakfast very regularly, with your recipes leading the way. :-)
  4. To be honest, I did not like this at first. It was really bitter. Perhaps it's the kind of cocoa powder I used. But when I added a little pure maple syrup (and a squirt of Nestle chocolate syrup, desperate to get my son to at least have a bite), it was really good. In fact, my 3-year-old said, "This is the goodest thing I ever had for breakfast!" Now I've gotta work on getting him to try some of your other overnight oatmeal recipes. The apple cinnamon is to die for!!
    1. Did you use cacao instead of cocoa? That would make it on the bitter side. Glad you were able to alter it and like it anyway!
  5. I cook a batch ahead and put the mixing (usually blueberries, maple syrup and almond milk) it's still crunchy enough for me that way. I can't imagine not cooking it at all. This sounds like a great combination
  6. I love your OO recipes so I just made 5 jars of this recipe for my upcoming breakfast at work. I'm thinkingod adding maybe a little unsweetened coconut flakes in one of them and a splash of maple syrup in the rest for a touch of sweetener. Looking forward to Monday morning at work now!
  7. Would you have to have the chia seeds in? I have so many allergies and something in that makes me ill. Just wondering if need in it if there is a substitute ?
  8. I can't wait to try this one! Most of these items are staples for me but I keep oat bran here instead of rolled oats. Can I just sub or would I need a different ratio? Also, have you considered treating us to some "oatmeal" recipes using quinoa instead of oats? What is your opinion on that,
    1. I am not sure about how much oat bran you would need. I have never used it before. Quinoa will not expand like the oats do. I tried once and it didn't work. However, I do have a slow cooker quinoa recipe that is delicious. I also have several flavors of chia pudding if you ever want to try it.
  9. Hi, Quick question, I noticed that some of your recipes call for 2 tsp of chia seeds, while other have 1 chia seed and 1 flax meal. Is there a purpose for this, and is there any difference? Also, I had added a scoop of chocolate protein powder in place of the cocoa powder for a little extra protein (haven't tired them yet) and was just curious about any feedback regarding this change. Thank you!! Sara
    1. You can use either in any recipes. I just use what I have on hand mostly. So that is why it can vary from recipe to recipe.

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