Pecan Coconut Truffles

So yesterday I had this great idea.  I was going to make a sweet spread out of pepitas and pecans.  You know, with a little spice for the season?  Well my idea was a fail because my spread never got to the right consistency.  So instead of scrapping the whole thing, I turned them into delicious truffles!  If you like my Coconut Truffles, you will love these!

pecan pumpkin truffles watermark

I added the coconut to hide the not so appealing color of the truffles.  You could also coat them in chocolate if you like.  These are a cinch to make and taste so good!  They would be great for holiday parties along with my Pistachio Truffles.

Pecan Coconut Truffles

Pecan Coconut Truffles

Prep Time 10 min Serves 10 balls     adjust servings



  1. In the food processor , combine the pepitas and pecans.  Grind them into a course consistency. 
  2. Then add in the spices, oil and maple syrup and continue to pulse until a loose dough starts to form. 
  3. Roll the dough into balls and place them in the fridge to firm up. 
  4. Once firm, roll the balls into a small amount of water and then roll them into the coconut. 
  5. Once all are done, place them back into the fridge for a few minutes.


Recipe Notes

I got 10 balls out of my batch. Enjoy!

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15 thoughts to “Pecan Coconut Truffles”

  1. Glad it happens not only to me. I think that's why I'm not a huge fan of baking.:) Like I can bake and do but prefer to spend my time developing savoury recipes and at same time always have dinner ready.:) Anyways, these look good! What kind of coconut flakes are those?
    1. Thanks Olena! All I had in my cupboard was coconut chips so I pulsed them a few times in the processor to get them into smaller pieces. I usually buy the Let's Do Organic brand.
      1. Ahahaha. I buy the same ones. Very creative! I love how you use what you have on hand and nothing goes to garbage.:) I do the same.:) I was thinking I've never seen that shape of coconut flakes.:)
        1. Yes, we waste nothing around here. Even the leftover pulp from juice has a place. We put it in my daughter's homemade formula. :)
  2. In this you use a food processor.. I was just wondering if this type of recipe (and all the other no bake bars and balls) would turn out in a Vitamix? I was looking at some of the Laurabars or the cookie dough bites also. Has anyone tried this?! I do not have a processor!! Yet.. :).
    1. You can try. If you use a recipe with dates, you will need to soak them ahead of time. Then they should easier to make in Vitamix.

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