Chocolate Mousse Pie (Vegan and Paleo)

Chocolate Mousse Pie. I don’t know about you, but I do less baking in the summer.  That is why I made this pie.  It’s super easy and requires no cooking!

It’s also very indulgent and can satisfy any chocolate lover’s craving! If you love chocolate, you may also like my Flourless Chocolate Muffins and my 3 Ingredient Chocoate Bars.


Chocolate Mousse Pie - My Whole Food Life


This decadent, chocolate pie is vegan, gluten free and paleo approved.  I am not a huge chocolate person and I could not stop eating it!

I hope you enjoy it as well.  If you want to make a mousse instead of the whole pie, you can follow this easy recipe in the video below.  for more videos, you can subscribe to my You Tube Channel.

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Chocolate Mousse Pie

Chocolate Mousse Pie

Prep Time 30 min Serves 12 slices     adjust servings

It's like decadent chocolate mousse in pie form!


    For the crust

    For the chocolate

    For the cream topping


    1. In a food processor , combine all the crust ingredients for about 2 minutes. Once a loose dough forms, press it into a greased pie pan . The mixture will seem a bit crumbly, but it will firm up nice. Place the pie pan in the fridge to chill.
    2. While that is chilling, drain the dates and place them into the food processor with the avocado. Process for a minute or two to get those broken down. Then add the remaining chocolate ingredients and process until smooth.
    3. Pour the chocolate mixture into the pie dish and set in the fridge to chill.
    4. Open the can of full fat coconut milk that has been refrigerated. Scoop off the solid white part and place into a mixing bowl . You can save the remaining liquid for smoothies. Add the maple syrup to the coconut. Using a whipping attachment, whip the coconut into a cream. Once you have a coconut whip cream, scoop everything into a plastic bag. Snip off one tiny corner of the zip-lock bag and use that to slowly pipe the cream onto the pie. If you want to be a little lazy, you could also spread the coconut cream over the whole top instead of piping. Set the pie back into the fridge for another few minutes. Enjoy!


    Recipe Notes

    This should last about 4 days in the fridge. I haven't tried freezing it, but that might be an option. Please let me know if you try!

    Chocolate Mousse Pie Steps


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    15 thoughts to “Chocolate Mousse Pie (Vegan and Paleo)”

    1. Love all the ingredients in this pie! Approx how long will this keep in the fridge before the avocado goes bad?
      1. Thanks! I think it should keep for at least 4 days. You might be able to freeze it too, although I haven't tried.
    2. I love your site but like so many others, the ads are super annoying. I can deal begrudgingly with the ones on the top and sides but the new style where they pop up at the bottom when using your phone are too much. It covers a lot and makes it near impossible to pin something. It says half the time no pinnable images. And you can't close out of them.
      1. Most people are moving to the in content ads since everyone is on mobile these days. No one was seeing the side bar ads. I am sorry you find them annoying, but the ad revenue from this site helps keep it running. Blogging is not cheap and the money I make from ads helps keep these recipes free. :)
    3. This looks so delicious!!! About how much almond flour would you suggest in place of the 1 1/4 cups of raw almonds? Maybe 3/4 cup or scant cup? I'm gonna try it out tonight!!
    4. I'm going to make this soon! It looks great. Can you taste the avocado flavor at all? Thanks for your work here! I love your recipes. :)
      1. Thanks Joylene! I honestly could not taste it at all. You can always taste the batter as you make it and add extra sweetener or chips if you feel it's needed. :)
    5. I have a ton of pecans that I gathered in the fall and froze. Do you think I could sub the almonds in the crust for pecans? Wondering if it would work the same..
    6. This was fun, thanks! I made it today and it came out great! Just the cocoa powder here in Germany may be a bit more intense, I used 3/4 cup and it was still a bit much. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes! Sophia
      1. Thanks Sophia! I am glad you liked it! You probably have better quality cocoa in Germany. Btw, my mom is German. :)

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