Lentil Carrot Veggie Burgers

I just love homemade veggie burgers.   These lentil carrot veggie burgers are my latest creation.  Actually, my husband came up with these lentil carrot veggie burgers.  It’s quite easy with simple ingredients.  Homemade veggie burgers are super easy and always taste better than the rubbery veggie burgers you can buy at the store.  I always make sure to top my veggie burgers with avocado.  It always makes them that much better.  Then again, avocados make everything better, don’t they?  You could eat these burgers by them themselves, on a bun, or even top a salad with one.  Personally, I like mine without the bun and with a side of veggies like my simple roasted broccoli or my maple glazed Brussel sprouts.  Yum!

Lentil Carrot Veggie Burgers - My Whole Food Life

This recipe makes a decent sized batch so you will have some left over to freeze.  That works out great on those busy days when you have no time to cook.  These lentil carrot veggie burgers are vegan and gluten free.   I hope you enjoy them.

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Flourless Pumpkin Cookies (Vegan, Paleo)

Okay it’s officially September so I feel like I can start with a pumpkin recipes.  Starting with these Flourless Pumpkin Cookies.  One can never have too many pumpkin recipes right?  Especially if they are healthy pumpkin recipes.

Personally, I eat pumpkin all year long, but I many people don’t.  These Flourless Pumpkin Cookies would be a great recipe to start with.  I

t’s super easy, has few ingredients and there is no mixer needed!  If you are a lover of all things pumpkin, you may also enjoy this post.


Flourless Pumpkin Cookies


These pumpkin cookies are vegan, gluten free and grain free.  They are also paleo friendly.

If you wanted a nut free version, you could probably use pumpkin butter or sunflower seed butter in place of the cashew butter.  These cookies also freeze well if you want to make a double batch!

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Pumpkin Creme Bars (Vegan and Gluten Free)

Pumpkin Creme Bars.  OMG!  These pumpkin creme bars are amazing!  Since it’s technically September, it’s okay to start rolling out the pumpkin recipes.

One can never have too many pumpkin recipes right?  Especially when they are healthy pumpkin recipes.

Since it’s still in the 100’s here in Texas, I thought my first pumpkin recipe of the season should be a frozen treat.  So I am starting with these pumpkin creme bars.  These bars are so easy to make and the recipe only contains 9 ingredients!


pumpkin creme bars


These pumpkin creme bars are vegan, gluten free, dairy free and even paleo friendly.  If you needed a nut free option, I suppose you could use pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds in place of the pecans.   I love everything about this recipe.

Starting with the cinnamon pecan crust, then the creamy pumpkin center and it’s topped with creamy chocolate.  If you are a lover of all things pumpkin, you may also enjoy this post.

I used vegan chocolate chips for my chocolate topping, but you can also probably use my 3 ingredient chocolate bar recipe.

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Flourless Blondies (Vegan and Gluten Free)

Flourless Blondies.  I was recently asked by a reader to create a flourless blondie recipe.  So that is how these flourless vegan blondies came about.

If you had my super moist flourless brownies, you know that beans can work very well in dessert recipes.  These flourless blondies are so yummy.

I was eating the batter right out of the food processor.  That is one good thing about making healthy vegan desserts.  You can eat the batter without any fear of getting sick. 🙂


flourless blondies


These healthy blondies are so good!  I am telling you no one will ever know there is beans in these.  Kind of like my peanut butter cookies.

My kids were totally fooled!  These blondies are vegan, gluten free.  If you want to make them grain free, you could probably use quinoa flakes in place of the oats.

Quinoa is technically a seed, not a grain.

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Peach Streusel Muffins (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Peach Streusel Muffins. My daughter loves peaches so I thought I would make her some peach muffins.  Streusel muffins to be exact.  Because muffins are always better with a streusel topping right?

These peach streusel muffins are made healthier.  In fact, the muffins itself has very little added sugar.  I used diced and pureed peaches to sweeten these.  The peach puree also kept these muffins super moist without the need for oil.  If you like these muffins, you may also like these and these.


Peach Streusel Muffins


The only time I used oil in the recipe was in the streusel topping.  Even then it was only 1 tablespoon.  These peach muffins are vegan and gluten free.  I hope you enjoy them!  These muffins freeze well, so make a double batch if you wish. 🙂

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Quinoa Cookies (Vegan and Gluten Free)

Quinoa Cookies that are vegan and gluten free.   YES.  I am always thinking of what I can add to my cookie recipes to make them healthy enough for breakfast.

That is where these quinoa chocolate chip cookies come in.  Who wouldn’t want cookies for breakfast?  Since these quinoa cookies are packed with protein and fiber, they should keep you full for quite some time.

Quinoa is a plant based source of complete protein. Mom win.


Quinoa Cookies - My Whole Food Life


I added chocolate chips to my cookies, but you can also use dried fruits if you like.  I think chopped dates or raisins would be great in here as well.

If you wanted to bump up the protein a little more, you could add some hemp hearts or chia seeds.  These quinoa cookies are vegan and gluten free.  I hope you enjoy them.

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