Coconut Strawberry Overnight Oats

Coconut Strawberry Overnight Oats.  As you know, I just love my oats.  And my favorite way to eat them is in the form of overnight oats.

Overnight oats, or Oats in a Jar, are so easy and you don’t even need to cook them!  This coconut strawberry overnight oats is my newest creation.


Coconut Strawberry Overnight Oats - My Whole Food Life


You can make these with either rolled oats or steel cut oats.  I like steel cut oats myself.  They will retain a slight crunch that I like.

If you like a smoother oatmeal, feel free to use rolled oats instead.  These overnight oats are gluten free and vegan. 🙂  If you are not gluten free, feel free to use regular oats.  That is what I do. 🙂

You can make up 5 of these at a time for healthy breakfasts all week.  And since they are already in a jar, they travel great!  Definitely give them a try.

Coconut Strawberry Overnight Oats

Coconut Strawberry Overnight Oats

Prep Time 5 min Serves 1 jar = 1 serving     adjust servings

Easiest breakfast ever! No cooking required!



  1. Put everything in a jar and mix very well.
  2. Cover and place in the fridge overnight.


Recipe Notes

I make 5 of these jars at a time for easy breakfasts all week. They are great to take to work as well. The strawberries should be fine in the jar for a night or two, but if you plan to make more than two at a time, add the strawberries in right before you eat it. Enjoy!

Coconut Strawberry Overnight Oats - My Whole Food Life P

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96 thoughts to “Coconut Strawberry Overnight Oats”

  1. I've made this twice - once with rolled oats, the other with the steel-cut, which was my first time having steel-cut oats. I loved it both ways. I didn't find the rolled oats to be soggy at all. The big difference I found was the steel-cut oats kept me full after breakfast for much longer than the rolled oats. Thank you for providing me with my new favourite breakfast! I love it!
    1. Thanks Vicky! So glad you liked it! I prefer steel cuts oats because of the texture. It reminds me of cereal.
  2. I had some leftover strawberries from making chia jam and thus decided I'd try these! I was a little hesitant, I confess, as I'm pretty sure I don't much like the taste of coconut (though I do love the texture of the shredded stuff in mah overnight oats). But these have been the oats of the week, and HOLY ERMAHGERD are they amazing! My boyfriend loves them, too. One of his faves so far, he said. They taste like sweet cream and strawberries, and the texture is just a dream for this texture fiend! The coconut, the chia, the strawberries, the old fashioned oats... So much variety! The strawberries I used were a little past their prime, so they had a tougher, dryer texture--and it worked amazingly well in this for me! Normally I eat my oats in little bites so I can savor it, but with this I couldn't help but take the occasional giant bite so I could really savor the collection of textures. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who's interested in overnight oats! Thank you SO MUCH for the recipe! I'm sad I'm out of strawberries now, though...
    1. I use 12 ounce jars. I get them at Target in a 4 pack. They are perfect because there is still tons of room to stir or add more fruit. :)

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