German Chocolate Quinoa Brownies

German Chocolate Quinoa Brownies.  I have a treat for you guys today!  You are going to love these German chocolate vegan quinoa brownies.

If you are a fan of the quinoa brownie recipe already up on the blog, you will love this latest twist!  Especially if you like anything German chocolate flavored.

These German chocolate gluten free quinoa brownies are a cinch to make too.  I used my vegan sweetened condensed milk recipe for this.


German Chocolate Quinoa Brownies - My Whole Food Life


These quinoa brownies would be perfect for holiday parties.  I promise no one with ever know they are made healthier!

Not only are these brownies made a  little healthier, they also pack a protein punch.  Quinoa is a plant based complete protein. 🙂

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German Chocolate Quinoa Brownies

German Chocolate Quinoa Brownies

Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 40 min Serves 18 small squares     adjust servings

A secretly healthy brownie recipe you will love!


    For the brownies

    For the topping


    1. Preheat oven to 350.
    2. Put all the brownie ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
    3. Line an 8x8 glass baking dish with parchment paper.
    4. Leave enough room for some to stick out the sides.
    5. Pour the batter into the glass baking dish.
    6. Bake for 30-40 minutes.
    7. While the brownies are baking, make the topping.
    8. Combine all topping ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
    9. Once the brownies have cooled, spread the topping on top.
    10. Slice and serve.


    Recipe Notes

    Store these brownies in an airtight container in the fridge. They should last at least a week, maybe more. Enjoy!

    German Chocolate Quinoa Brownies - My Whole Food Life P

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    28 thoughts to “German Chocolate Quinoa Brownies”

    1. Good morning! These look awesome! I want to thank you for sharing your recipe for sweetened condensed milk - and all the exciting recipes that are developing from it. We are working with very restricted diets right now and I made your salted chocolate tarts for Sunday dinner last week, using the sunflower seed variation for the crust. So delicious and I was thrilled to be able to provide a dessert that wasn't coconut flour based :)
    2. These look great. However, I have a problem with quinoa and would like to know if I can substitute millet or something else for the quinoa.
    3. OMG do these look amazing! I want to make these now but sadly have no milk of any kind on hand to make the icing! However I do have some organic creamed coconut. Is there a way to make the icing using this? I have never used cream of coconut, not even sure why I have it!! Lol! Hardly a day goes by that I don't make something from your site!! Much thanks!!
      1. Thank you Suzy! You might be able to use creamed coconut? Maybe whip it with some sugar and then add the pecans and the shredded coconut? You might need to add a little flour or arrowroot to thicken it if it seems too runny.
    4. Oh goodness, the ingredient list alone makes me swoon. These look amazing, Melissa. I'm curious as to what makes them German, though? I've seen the chocolate cake + coconut combination called that before but never figured it out. Do you know?
      1. Thank you!! German Chocolate cake is chocolate cake with a caramel/coconut/pecan mixture layered in. That is where the name comes from. :)
    5. Don't have any sweetens condensed milk...anything else in could use in its place? I do have full fat coconut that not thick enough though?....
      1. It's probably not thick enough. However, you can make your own sweetened condensed milk out of that full fat coconut milk.

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