2 Ingredient Pistachio Ice Cream (Vegan)

2 Ingredient Pistachio Ice Cream.  You guys!  This is a super simple ice cream recipe that doesn’t even require an ice cream maker!  Only 2 simple ingredients too.

This healthy recipe is vegan, gluten free, paleo, and contains no added sugar.  Can it get better than that?


2 ingredient Pistachio Ice Cream


This summer we are trying to use up all our pantry ingredients.  I had a huge jar of salted pistachios from Costco.  So I decided to make pistachio butter.  It was so easy and literally took only 5 minutes in my Blendtec Twister Jar.



2 Ingredient Pistachio Ice Cream


So all you need is frozen bananas and pistachio butter.  Super simple! Since I used salted pistachios, my ice cream ended up with a sweet and salty flavor.  If you use unsalted pistachios to make your butter, you can add a pinch of sea salt to the recipe.


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2 Ingredient Pistachio Ice Cream

2 Ingredient Pistachio Ice Cream

Prep Time 5 minutes Serves 3-4     adjust servings

Creamy pistachio ice cream that only requires 2 simple ingredients!  No added sugar, vegan, gluten free and paleo approved!


  • 2 frozen bananans, sliced
  • 1/3 cup pistachio butter


In a food processor, blend the frozen bananas.  Then add the pistachio butter and continue to blend until everything is well mixed.

If the mixture looks slightly dry, you can add a dash of almond milk.

Serve immediately for a soft-serve ice cream.  For a harder, scoopable, ice cream, you can place the mixture into the freezer for 30 minutes.  Enjoy!



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22 thoughts to “2 Ingredient Pistachio Ice Cream (Vegan)”

  1. Hi, Melissa this looks like a fantastic recipe! I was wondering, though, how you make your pistachio butter?
        1. They do not have to be pre-soaked. Any other nuts will work as well, but if you are making the nut butter, be advised it takes longer to make some other nut butter than it does the pistachio butter.

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