No Bake Gingerbread Cookies (Vegan)

No Bake Gingerbread Cookies that are vegan, gluten free and paleo.   As Thanksgiving comes closer, it’s time to think about gingerbread everything.

I am sure everyone is starting to get sick of all things pumpkin these days.  I have been wanting to make these no bake vegan gingerbread cookies for a while now and I’m so glad I did.  They are AMAZING!


No Bake Gingerbread Cookies


These delicious no bake vegan gingerbread cookies are seriously easy to make.  This is a cookie batter that’s safe to eat. These no bake paleo gingerbread cookies are also gluten free, grain free and vegan.  Can it get any better?


No Bake Gingerbread Cookies



Want to make this recipe?  Watch the video below.  For more videos, you can subscribe to my You Tube Channel.


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No Bake Gingerbread Cookies

No Bake Gingerbread Cookies

Prep Time 10 min Serves 15 cookies     adjust servings



  1. In the food processor , grind the pecans. 
  2. Then add in the remaining ingredients and pulse until a dough starts to form. 
  3. Roll into balls and place on a parchment lined plate in the fridge to firm up. 


Recipe Notes

I got about 15 cookies out of my batch. Enjoy! What other gingerbread recipes would you like to see in the future?


No Bake Gingerbread Cookies

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31 thoughts to “No Bake Gingerbread Cookies (Vegan)”

  1. Hello Melissa I will try these tomorrow - they look really yummy and I love molasses. Do you have any other ideas for molasses apart from the overnight oats with molasses? Thanks
    1. I do have this recipe that calls for molasses as well.
  2. YUM! I added a little extra molasses and used ground cloves instead of nutmeg. Even my friend who made fun of me for eating "smashed dates for dessert" thought they were good.
  3. Melissa, I love your blog and all the yummy recipes, thanks so much! I have a question for you, though - what kind of food processor do you use? I have tried using my mini-Cuisinart as well as my Blendtec blender to make recipes like this that include nuts and dates, but it always take a LOT of time and effort to get everything blended together. I've tried grinding the nuts and dates separately and then combining, but it doesn't seem to help. I've also tried making coconut manna out of shredded coconut, but gave up after about 45 min. of trying! Any words of advice? Thanks!
  4. These sound amazing! Pinned already but I had to tell you that I can't wait to make them. I hope they don't do a number on my mini food processor, but you know, trying these cookies, it might just be worth it.
    1. Thank you! If you are using a smaller processor, you can break it up into 2 batches. Also, soaking the dates in water for about 10 minutes prior to using them will soften them and hopefully make them easier on your food processor. :)
  5. Seriously delicious!! I didn't have pecans so used almonds instead and they taste so yummy...I hope there's some left when hubby gets home.
    1. Some people claim to, but the mix can be tough to get out of the vitamix. If you try, soak the dates for 10 minutes in water to soften them.
  6. These look wonderful! I'm hoping to make them for my father as a healthier alternative. How should I store these? Do they need to stay in the fridge?

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