Vegan Pistachio Truffles

I love pistachios!  How about you?  I swear my daughter could put away a whole bag of pistachios if she didn’t have to shell them.  We bought a bag the other day and I instantly thought about doing a pistachio truffle recipe.  So that is how these pistachio truffles came about.

Pistachio Truffles Watermark

These truffles are date sweetened except for the small amount of sugar there is in the dark chocolate I used.  They are pretty awesome too.  Kind of reminds me of my coconut truffles a bit.  It’s a great little bite when you have a chocolate craving.  These truffles are also vegan, gluten free and paleo.

Pistachio Truffles

Pistachio Truffles

Prep Time 1 hr Serves 8-10 truffles     adjust servings


    For the filling

    For the chocolate coating


      For the filling

      1. In the food processor , pulse the pistachios into a course ground consistency.
      2. Then add the remaining ingredients until a “dough” starts to form.
      3. Roll into balls and place in the freezer to set. I put mine on a parchment lined plate. Leave them in there for about 30 minutes.

      For the chocolate coating

      1. While the balls are setting, make the chocolate coating.
      2. Using a double boiler method, melt the chocolate, coconut oil and milk.
      3. Keep stirring until the chocolate becomes thinner and smooth.
      4. Once the chocolate is ready, remove from heat and get the balls out of the freezer.
      5. Using two forks, gently roll the balls into the chocolate and set them back on the parchment lined plate.
      6. Once all the balls are coated, place them back in the freezer to firm up.
      7. They should be ready in about 30 minutes.


      Recipe Notes

      You can store them in the fridge or freezer. Whichever is your preference. I got about 8-10 balls out of my batch. Enjoy!

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      64 thoughts to “Vegan Pistachio Truffles”

      1. I just made these for our first Paleo Thanksgiving Dinner. They are amazing! I hope I am able to keep these hidden from my husband or there will be none left for our family. LOL If my MR Picky likes them, I know they'll be a hit with everyone else. Thank you
      2. You refer to a T of water and of coconut oil, what is a T? I have not heard of that as a measurement unless it is a Tablespoon...

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