Coconut Vanilla Chia Pudding

Have you tried chia seeds?  Chia pudding is one of my favorite ways to eat them.  Chia seeds are so good for you.  Chia seeds are a great source of fiber and will keep you full for a long time.

This Coconut Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding is healthy enough for breakfast.

Coconut Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding P - My Whole Food Life

I modeled this coconut vanilla chia seed pudding after my coconut vanilla overnight oats.  They are so yummy and I knew the flavors would be great in this coconut vanilla chia seed pudding.

You can make this coconut vanilla chia pudding up the night before and have a healthy breakfast ready in the morning.  Super easy!   I even filmed a video of my daughters and I making this.

It’s pretty funny actually.  If you cook with kids, then you will understand! For more videos, you can subscribe to my You Tube Channel.

Coconut Vanilla Chia Pudding

Coconut Vanilla Chia Pudding

Prep Time 5 min Serves 4 servings     adjust servings

An easy and healthy breakfast you can prepare the night before!


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and stir well.
  2. Cover the bowl and place it in the fridge overnight.


Recipe Notes

You can prepare this the night before to be ready in the morning. It should last a week or more in the fridge. If you plan on adding fresh fruit to this, do so right before eating. The mixture may seem watery when you make it, but it will thicken up in the fridge overnight. If the mixture is too thick in the morning, you can always add some extra milk.

Coconut Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding

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104 thoughts to “Coconut Vanilla Chia Pudding”

  1. I made this last night. It was still really watery on the morning? Should I just add more chia seeds. Also my coconut butter stayed hard in the pudding. Was I supposed to melt it first?
    1. I melted the coconut butter before I added it. You can try adding more chia seeds. Sometimes, if the chia seeds are older, they will not absorb as much liquid. Do you think that may have been the issue? I hope you were still able to eat it. :(
  2. Have you tried doing this in other flavors? I like the Chia seeds and have done the refrigerator oatmeals using them, but I am not a big shredded coconut fan, how about peanut butter and honey or even mini semi-sweet chocolate chips?
    1. Yes you totally can do other flavors. I have this chocolate one. You can ad add a sweetener if you like it sweet.
  3. First: you're daughters are SO ADORABLE! hubby and I couldn't stop laughing. Second: what a great simple recipe. Plus you've inspired me to make my own almond milk. Will be making both pudding and milk this weekend. Thank yiu
  4. I've tried a raspberry chia seed juice, but I found the seeds to be quite slimy. Do they have a nicer texture in a pudding?
    1. I don't find them slimy, but if you have an issue with the texture, you can blend the whole thing up once it gels.
    1. Amazon sells it. Or you can make it yourself for cheaper.
    2. My favorite is the one from TIANA but they have coconut flesh as well that you can use to do coconut milk, cream or butter, it's versatile ;) You can order online
    1. It makes 4 servings. Not sure what the calorie count is, but you can check it by going to
  5. I love adding chia seeds to my overnight oats but I've never made puddings out of them. Love the video! It's very helpful! And your girls are so adorable!
  6. I tried this last night and was excited to get up this morning to try it.....unfortunately, my chia seeds mostly sank to the bottom and made a concrete base.....what did I do wrong?? ;-)

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